I was poking around on our backup server last night looking for some pictures and came across some old shots of Chewbacca in and around the blizzard of ’03. This was one of her shining moments and paradoxically the final nail in her coffin; After digging out there wasn’t anyplace we couldn’t go in 4-wheel drive, but I don’t think she was ever right after bathing in road salt that year.







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3 Responses to Blast from the Past.

  1. Mr. Scout says:

    I love it!!! I’ve been looking around for a Chewbacca figure to stand where the original one was placed. All the modern ones are ripped with giant muscles but I guess that might be appropriate.

  2. Nah, I like the classic Chewy. None of that new fangled mess. Not that Chewbacca couldn’t kick some royal a$$ if he so chose, but his was a subtle strength, not a show of steroid induced biceps.

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