I went into the project convinced I was going to be a ace wrench in no time, though. Surely, even a clumsy and sheltered city boy like myself could learn how to repair and maintain a machine as basic as a tractor.

Andrew Collins over at Jalopnik totals up what a year cost him to own a Scout that he traded for a high-mileage Toyota Tundra. I’d say he made out pretty good.

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  1. Neal in Boston says:

    Great link, Bill. I had followed that story from that writer early on, but I lost the “thread.” Thanks for sharing. Hope you’ve been enjoying Peer Pressure over the summer. Got the roof off?

  2. bill says:

    Hi Neal–
    The roof is off. Up until the last two weeks of hellish heat, I’ve had her out at least once a week, sometimes twice. How is the hunt for your Scout going? Keep the faith!

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