These are the endcaps I’m buying from Bennett. Technically I don’t need two of them–my passenger endcap is dented from the swingarm, and the driver’s side is OK–but it’s always good to have spares.

Update: Here are the insides of the red tailcap, as per Neal’s request in the comments below. Looks like this one was torched out of a Scout with a little cancer above and below.

From left to right, you’re looking at the top to bottom. The hinge pin for the liftgate is in the top right area. The tailcap is actually a two-piece section that you can see here– a flat section of steel that is welded underneath the folded edge of the rounded piece. This forms the inner edge of the tailcap.

This is looking at the back side, where the edges of the inner and outer fenders are welded together and then join with the tailcap.

So Neal, you could probably buy four parts from Super Scout Specialists and weld your own, if you can’t find a donor scout–they’d be the corner post and the tailcap. And you’d need the hinge pins too.

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  1. Neal in Boston says:

    Hi Bill. Neal here in Boston. I was going to post this question on a FB site, but your timely focus on endcaps makes me wonder if you might have the answers I need.
    How do the endcaps attach to the quarters? Are they bolted or welded?
    Are the caps themselves structurally related to the tailgate, or is there an additional inner or side structure on each cap which supports the gate pivot hinges?
    I’m thinking that since I can’t have a Scout right now, I might like to make a swing-down tailgate “table” by mounting an assembly of the above mentioned parts on a wall (or on a plywood or metal base which could then be mounted). I know the gates are heavy. I’m trying to get a sense of the pivot structure involved, and how easy it might be to remove caps from a parts vehicle and put everything back together separate from a vehicle. Has anyone done this?

  2. bill says:

    Hi Neal–
    They are welded to the quarters, so you’d have to torch or cut them off first. The pins that the gate swivels on are bolted to the inside edge of the endcaps. The caps themselves are several pieces–there’s an inner edge (the mounting point for the pins and the gate retainer arms) and the outer edge (the round section you see here). They are welded to the join of the inner/outer fender. I’ll shoot a picture of the red tailcap so you can see better what I mean.

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