I saw this Scout on Instagram a week ago, and I really like the look of it. The indoor lighting is a little funky, but I dig the combination of a dark green paint job, traditional 1972 grille (with a silver surround), a white travel top, and blacked out steelies with narrow tires. This is a really traditional look, which is something I’d like to get Peer Pressure back to someday.

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  1. cmp says:

    Hey!! I came here looking at your blog, and this is my Scout! Kind word you got there. I’ve been admiring yours on IG for a long while now. This one is home now (finally), and getting properly daily-driven. It’s got a fun history that I’ll post up on IG when I can get around to it.

  2. bill says:

    Hey Chad! I love your IG feed, and definitely love the look of your Scout. Glad to hear you’re driving it, too! Where’s that history??

  3. cmp says:

    Hey Bill.. trying to figure out the place to put it (the history). It’s not THAT exciting, but I am trying to figure out a good way to share it with the Scout crowd without having to post all of the time. I have several IG accounts for other things and get tired of being on my phone all of the time, haha.

    Nice blog! I already bookmarked some resources. Much appreciated.

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