$1500 Scout

This old warhorse showed up on Craigslist this afternoon; $1500 for some rust held together with what looks like Glacier Blue paint. 4cyl/manual. It’s being sold by a dealer, so it’s more than likely they drug it out of a field somewhere and are advertising it to get some of those sweet sweet Icon dollars.

I would give them maybe $300 for this as it sits; I doubt anyone wants a blue interior, unless it’s got a tilt wheel. The engine is worthless but the transmission and running gear are valuable. And maybe the hubcaps.

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2 Responses to Look At What’s Left of This

  1. Neal in Boston says:

    What are you talking about? It’s a gem of a find. All it needs is some “Rusteze medicated bumper ointment”. Haha.
    I did t see the add, but I am interested in a four cylinder scout someday.
    The angle of the doors makes it seem like the body mounts are completely gone!

  2. bill says:

    Ha ha Neal—it’s gonna need more than ointment.
    Four cylinder Scouts are actually pretty cool—my friend Brian has one, and it has more scoot than I was expecting—but most people are looking for a V8 (or, worse, immediately want to do a SBC swap). And yeah, I’d guess the body mounts, rockers, and most of the floors are completely gone…

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