House progress, room by room

Here's a series of photos of the housework broken down by room and condition. I've added comments and dates where applicable.

h1>The Blue Room | The Cream room | The Pink room | Upstairs Hallway/Stairwell
Downstairs Hallway/Stairwell | Office | Dining Room | Pantry | Closet

9/4 This is what we started with. Actual paper, probably 60-70 years old.
9/4 Looking towards the back center of the house and the hallway.

9/8 The lines on the wall are from a cabinet set in behind the door.
10/11 During the sanding phase. Sanding lasted about a month.

This is after a coat of Kilz; pictures of the painted walls to follow. Note the antique Bell Systems phone lines on the baseboard- that's gone now.
10/12 Post-final coat. We need to cut in about twice more, but you're getting the idea. The atrium room beyond will wait until next year.

10/15 another shot with the paint almost finished
10/15 ditto.

10/26 Martha Stewart's Kitchen Cieling Blue. Looks soothing and clean.
10/26 We got a nice wood frame for the Munch print in this shot, and it looks great with the rest of the space.

10/31 Penn is inspecting the floor again.
11/31 You can't really see the difference between this and the last page, but the yellow sheen is gone now.

11/20 Teller is inspecting the floor where Penn left off.
11/20 The floor looks a lot more even to me now.

11/24 There's one board in front of the doorway which needs to be pulled and replaced- it's too small and too low.
11/24 Look at that shine.
Not much to show here  
1/18/04 This is with all the baseboards pulled and ready for wiring. Note the path I needed to take over the doorway, requiring painful demolition.
Not much to show here  
2/13/04 The found door installed (but not currently hung) in place. Much better than the plastic.

3/28/04 Sorry about the ladder, but you're getting the idea.
3/28/04 i suppose this doesn't really show much of anything new.

4/5/04 Hooray for switchplates!
4/5/04 The door is looking a heck of a lot better now.
5/13/04 Furniture moved in, pictures hung, drapes, shades, and cat installed. (Pay no attention to the mess behind the doorway.)
    blue room recent
10/05 Lived in for a while.