House progress, room by room

Here's a series of photos of the housework broken down by room and condition. I've added comments and dates where applicable.

h1>The Blue Room | The Cream room | The Pink room | Upstairs Hallway/Stairwell
Downstairs Hallway/Stairwell | Office | Dining Room | Pantry | Closet

7.21 Home Inspection day.

9/8 What came before. That's vinyl wallpaper, and the carpet is a 50's era all-weather blend in bright green. Underneath that A/C unit was a bat tenement.

10/2 Your host (bad hat hair day) putting the first coat of paint on the walls.

10/6 post paint, pre carpet removal.

10/12 The (not so) finished product. Jen would like you to know it's not country.

11/1 Whoops! the furniture is gone and so are all the baseboards. Dave did a fantastic job sanding in this room, as the original floors were pretty chewed up when we started.

11/24 This room is looking so much brighter now with the floors done.
Almost done
10/05 This is after replacing the baseboards and before the final coat of polyurethane.
Cream room final poly coat
10/05 This is after the final coat of polyurethane.
cream room with bed
10/19 With bed back in place. Pique looks tired.