House progress, room by room

Here's a series of photos of the housework broken down by room and condition. I've added comments and dates where applicable.

h1>The Blue Room | The Cream room | The Pink room | Upstairs Hallway/Stairwell
Downstairs Hallway/Stairwell | Office | Dining Room | Pantry | Closet

10/8/4 Move in Day.

10/12/03 The hallway stairwell, looking down.
10/12/03 From the stairwell looking at the bathroom.

10/12/03 During the middle of the removal.
10/12/03 Linoleum! Luckily there was a layer of plywood underneath it, and the whole sandwich was easy to pull up.

10/12/03 The carpet is up, but the tackstrips are still down (and so are the staples).
10/15/03 With a rug down to keep our feets warm.

10/15/03 No more staples.
11/1/03 Midway through the job- you can see the difference here. Penn is inspecting the job.

10/31/04 Looking down at the stairs during
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10/31/04 Note the plaster patch over the window, where old leak damage was repaired
10/31/04 Stripped hallway

10/31/04 Other side

12/04 The hole is a section of plaster that came apart from the lathe, making an unsightly bulge.

12/04 Later that same day.

12/04 With two skim coats of mud.