House progress, room by room

Here's a series of photos of the housework broken down by room and condition. I've added comments and dates where applicable.

The Blue Room | The Cream room | The Pink room | Upstairs Hallway/Stairwell | Downstairs Hallway/Stairwell | Office | Dining Room

11/15 You can see here the shelves needed to come out so that we could sand underneath each one. You can also see the water stain to the left of the window...
11/15 I had to remove the bottom shelf on this set as well, but luckily the whole thing ddn't need to be demolished to do that.

11/20 After the staining. You can also see the rag i have hanging from the molding to direct the water into a bucket (not pictured.) Lots of work to do to the back wall where the shelves were, and unfortunately a ton of work to do to the cieling.
11/20 I love the shelves behind the door in this room— I wish the other rooms still had theirs.

11/24 There's also some serious pitting in this room on the floors, where the bedframes were gouging out dry wood. Unfortunately that's going to require replacement, not sanding, as the holes are too deep.
11/24 Notice the poly extends out into the hallway.

2/22 The office had a dropped cieling which was beginning to fall down, as well as hiding a roof leak over the window.
  nothing to see here

2/22 Goodbye, lovely plastic panels. Farewell.
2/22 Notice the two different colors of paint. There are about four colors on the wall in total.

3/15 Goodbye wallpaper. My arms are still tired.
3/15 Now to start washing the wallpaper, and next up is priming.

3/18 The back wall is taped; the hole in the ceiling is patched, and the huge crack is filled with plaster. I also replaced the crown molding above the window. It looks like junk, but it's been scraped and sanded smooth.
3/18 I put a coat of stain-killing primer on the ceiling the other day, which helps make the cracking stand out. The west wall is taped as well, and most of the major holes in the ceiling are patched, but there are still a bunch of cracks to be dealt with.

3/21 After about a bucket of drywall mud and a gallon of Kilz, the room is beginning to come together.

3/28 With one coat of Silver Birch. it's very subtle, which is good for this room, as it gets a lot less light than the other rooms do. There's a coat of primer on the window trim as well.
3/28 It's hard to see very well, and I didn't get the cieling in this shot.

4/5/04 cieling, walls, trim and doors are all painted. Jen swept the floor and mopped it. Now to fix that light.
4/5/04 No more tools on the shelves. The wall in back behind them has a coat of the Silver Birch as well.