House progress, room by room

Here's a series of photos of the housework broken down by room and condition. I've added comments and dates where applicable.

The Blue Room | The Cream room | The Pink room | Upstairs Hallway/Stairwell
Downstairs Hallway/Stairwell | Office | Dining Room | Pantry | Closet

Walkthrough day. Here's a shot of the pinkness in all its pink glory.

The other side of the room; you get a general idea of what we started with.

9/14 Kilz day in the pink room. Jen got very high on fumes this day.

10/10 The wall with the wrecked plaster. I pulled it all down after the plaster washers destroyed the integrity; that's two sheets of drywall in place with 2 coats of mud (with a third to come.)

10/12 After the first coat of white paint. Note the overall pink cast to the room (still).
More to come

10/12 With the carpet taken up.

10/15 Another shot with the carpet gone..

10/26 One coat of Kilz on the trim, and the debris in the middle is gone.

11/1 The floor is sanded and the baseboards are gone. Whew!

11/5 Looking back at the door again. Say hi to Sage!

11/20 Looking better now.

11/24 Looking even better.

1/12/04 Wiring in place. All the baseboards came out, holes were drilled through each wall stud, and the insulation was replaced.

1/12/04 About 2 feet to the left of the door is the feed through the floor; I put in two electrical leads (one for the bathroom) and two data leads-coax will come next.

1/20 Wiring in place. Baseboards are roughed back in, just waiting for assembly.

1/20 You can see the tangle of data wires now.

11/3/04 Skipping ahead, this is with the new paint testing on the walls.

11/3/04 From the other side of the room.

Finish coat of paint.

This room is 99% done.