May 22, 2004—Lockard/Dugan Wedding

Here's a sampling of photos from our wedding; we requested a mixture of black and white and color to mix up the look and feel of the shots.

Our photographers were the wonderful Shannon Bishop and her husband Gunes Kocatepe; while being kind, understanding, and helpful, they also braved the heat along with us, and did a remarkable job documenting the day.

I've arranged them in a loose order—Shannon was with Jen and her group, shooting the preparations, while Ganes was with me and my group.

Roll over the images for notes on each shot. Click on any image to enlarge.

Mrs. Lockard, the hairstylist
Attempting to put in the heirloom earrings
Sitting in the choir loft
Talking to Mr. Lockard down below
Trying to button up the bridesmaid's dresses
Rob, Robby and I prepare at the house
The standard 'chipmunk shot'
Our vests were all way too big
The girls watch as Jen comes down the steps
Waiting to enter the church
Jen and I whispering to each other
Leaving the church
I'm helping Annie straighten the train
The Lockard clan
Jen gets a kiss from Daddy
3 generations of Dugans: the Third, Fourth, and Second.
Another dip!
One of my favorite shots-it looks like we're making a break for it
First Dance.
Dip! Again!
Lorie, Ty and myself
My beautiful bride
Jen gets to meet up with Pat
Ms. Lockard, Uncle Don, Aunt Mary, and Uncle
Kristen blows bubbles!
Big smiles
bigger smiles!
3-sister bubble machine
Rob's excellent toast
Jason, Heather, Rob and Laura
Jen shares a laugh
Steve and Erin, Nathan, Kristen and Todd
Matt, Sophie, Tim and Betty
Cutting the cake (no stuffing allowed)
Experimental cicada pictures
American Gothic
making sure none crawl up Jen's dress
Meanwhile, Todd and I enjoy a cigar.
Annie may have had a little too much to drink.
Jen and I chat with the Dugans.
Capt. Bob Lockard, USN (Retired), demonstrates proper bubble technique.
Pretty juxtaposition

Mrs. Lockard supervises the earring project
Jen in the mirror
Hurry up!
Adjusting the ladies
I take a minute to talk with Renie
Jen descending the steps
Father Whatley was funny
Jen and I have a deathgrip on each other
The whole wedding party
The Dugan clan
Mom and Dad Dugan
How about a little dip?
One of the better shots of the Groom (the Bride looks great, as always)
The veil was blowing over Jen's head.
Another dip shot from a different angle.
Walking across the lawn of the church
Thanks for the bubbles, everybody!
More Matejowskys!
Madonna and child
A shared moment
Jen takes a minute to talk with her brother (she's gonna cry)
The Lockard siblings
Father/daughter dance
Folks helping out with the Guy Lombardo vibe
A few moments of tears
My Mom and I
Again, an excellent toast
Todd and Heather
Rob gets my opinion
Annie just spilled over behind my Mother
Mmmmm. Cake.
We're laughing about the bugs (thank God)
Bill Dugan, bug wrangler
It actually took about five minutes to get this shot.
Baci Baci!
more baci baci!
a quiet moment in the hot seat
they're trying not to step on their dresses
Cutting the cake in color
laughing at the head table
How many brides would suggest doing this?