Part Numbers

All parts listed are for an International 345 V-8.

Dayco belts:
Power Steering pump 15525 (To the crank pulley only)
Alternator (2) 15610
A/C 17530
Smog Pump 15390
(2) 15610
(1) 15525
(1) 17530

Engine gaskets:
According to my Fel-Pro catalog, to get a full set of gaskets you order both of the following: HS 7905 PT and CS 7905-1. This is supposed to be all the gaskets for a complete engine overhaul.

Door lock cylinders
Strattec number 607822
Ignition lock (with keys)
LockWorks LC14260
purchased at Oreilly’s Auto Parts for $12.99

Door Glass to Regulator Clip
Muncy Corporation 162210 RI

Door to Window seals, inner and outer:
10-053X is the inner sweep
10-152X is the outer piece.
19-063F is the clip that you squeeze in to each.
10-382X is an alternative outer piece that doesn’t have the stainless at the top.

Inner front Diff seal for a Dana 44:
CR~ 13165
National And Temkin ~5131

Dash gauge light sockets
CARQUEST S-503A available on RockAuto

These are Sylvania #’s so should be universal:
High & low beam headlamp
H6024ST Silverstar High Performance Lighting: The Whiter and Brighter Halogen
H6024XV XtraVision Halogen Upgrade: 3x brighter; 2x the life
H6024CB Cool Blue Halogen Upgrade: White Hot; Super Cool; 100% Street Legal

Parking light, Front turn signal, Rear turn signal, Taillight, Stoplight
1157LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

License plate

Back up light

Front sidemarker
194LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

194LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp available on RockAuto

Hi-beam indicator
194LL Long Life Upgrade: Up to twice the life of the standard lamp

Holley 2300 l/n 7448

Spark Plugs: [link]
Accel. . .437/ (shorties = 437S)
AC. . .R44S
Old Autolite. . .ARF52B/ARF42B
New Autolite. . .85 (platinum = AP85)
Bosch. . .WR8F/WR8FC
Champion. . .RJ11Y/RJ12Y/RJ12YC (” . . .” has pretty much been singled out as worthless in IH application)
Motorcraft. . .AR42/AS52C
ND. . .W16PR-U
NGK. . .BPR5S/XR4/XR45/XR5
Prestolite. . .14R42

Wiper Blades:
Napa classic blade # 60-1233 is a direct replacement for scout II 12″ blade. For 11″ blades substitute the 12 for 11 and you get napa # 60-1133.
Anco 31-13 – requires drilling the pivot hole

Wiper Fluid Motor:
NAPA #BK 6651564
ANCO #6401
Trico Superpump 11-509

Heater Control Valve:
Four Seasons 74628
Everco/Heater Control Valve (Plastic, Black)

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  • Good Morning.

    I have been for some time reading your story for ideas on my 72 Scout II. The link for the seat belt and the floor kit is bad. Could you tell me the part brand and numbers that you used on the seat belt install. Thanks.


  • Sir,

    I have rebuilt a 4 1966-1967 IH 1100 and have a parts list if you interested in it.

    Shoot me an email address and I will send it over

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