Part Locations
Here’s a link to original International paint chip codes, organized by year.
This is a link to decode Lineset tickets.

Binder Books
Binder Planet
Super Scout Specialists
Binder Blues
Barnes International

Fuel Pump Rebuilding
This gentleman sells new rebuild kits for OEM fuel pumps, which are now impossible to get.

Replacement/reconditioned carburetors
IHOnly North is now offering reconditioned carbs for pretty reasonable pricing. I’d trust these guys to do it right over anyone local; the trick will be installing it myself.

Reference – in particular, the Holley 2300 manual, the Carter Thermoquad manual, and a Dana 20 TC manual

Mr. Hankey

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  1. Edward Dagel says:

    how can I find out what the year is on my scout?
    SCOUT 800 780907G177798

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