Scout To-Do List

Short-term plans (mostly involving time and a little money)

    • Replace and fix the dashboard lighting
    • Fix the radio while the dash is out
    • Continue chasing down the fuel sender issue
    • Correctly seat the windshield wiper motor
    • Vacuum out all the crud in the fenders (through the cowl or remove the fenders)
    • Add locking lug nuts
    • Reroute the speaker wires Done! April 2020
    • Fix the loose handle on the passenger’s side
    • Replace solid windows in the traveltop with sliders
    • Weatherproof the new top
    • Clean the soft top, clean the windows
    • Replace the steering wheel
    • Go through the mechanicals in under the hood and check everything out.
    • Repair the hole in the soft top
    • Clean up the windshield glass, inspect the cowl and see if it’s in worse shape than the one I’ve already got Replaced and repaired 22.9.16
    • Clean and reinstall all the gasketry on the firewall
    • Wire brush the spare windshield frame to see how bad the cancer is done 22.9.16
    • Replace the windshield wipers with modern blades
    • Get it in the garage.
    • Get it registered, tagged, and insured (probably with historic plates).
    • Change all the fluidscoolant, oil, diff oil changed 9/09
    • Change the plugs and wires  plugs and wires purchased 10/09, installed 8/12
    • Clean out the tub and wire-brush all the rusty sections. Bedliner sprayed 9/13
    • POR-15 everything that even looks like it might rust. Bed and walls coated 9/13
    • Pad the rollbar with some pipe insulation and ziptiesAdded an original rollbar cover and pads, 4/13
    • Pull out the bikini top and check the fit
    • Ground the rear lights correctly so that the indicator goes out
    • Replace the dead headlight
    • Get the windshield wipers and washer squirters working
    • Clean up, re-grease, and replace the window scissor mechanisms, latches, and locks. Then reinstall the door panels.
    • Buy a new set of Service ManualsChristmas gift, 2011
    • Pick up a good come-along in lieu of a winch Bought one in the fall of 2023

Long-term plans (mostly involving lots of time and money):

  • Coat the underside with bedliner
  • Spray it with some color other than purple
  • Add some kind of heat reflective matting. Done 7/21. Makes a huge difference!
  • Sand the high points in the paintjob down, and get it ready for a new color
  • Pull the dashboard, strip it, and repaint (or replace)
  • Yank out the nasty seats and replace themBucket bases purchased, PT Cruiser seats installed 3/15
  • Find a good rust-free steel hardtop. Purchased 3/13
  • Buy a new gas tank and sender, drop the old one and install the new one Installed 6/11
  • Buy a Hi-Lift jack so I might actually be able to change a tire
  • Coat the interior with some sort of bedliner (Line-X, Rhinoliner, etc). Installed 9/13
  • Buy some new weatherstripping for the doors and tailgate Installed 10/13
  • Replace the inner door liners with originals (or repaint the purple ones)
  • Pull the dashpad and put in a replacement — black replacement installed 10/09
  • Replace the stupid radio with a cheap removable-faceplate version, install some cheap speakers in the 6×9 cutouts
  • Buy a Tuffy console for in between the seats and install it

0 thoughts on “Scout To-Do List

  • Stephen Marfia says:

    I ran across your blog, and I enjoyed the read.
    I have a 1976 Scout 2.
    I have a Kayline soft top as well. I haven’t had it up in nearly 10 years.
    Would you be willing to take and post some pictures of your top installed. I forgot how to set mine up…

    Thank you for your time

  • Hey Stephen—

    I’m going to send you a PDF copy of the installation instructions. I’ve got some pictures of the installed top here and there but not much that will help you put it on right now—and I’ve got the hardtop on for another couple of weeks.

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