Sunday morning Mr. Scout and I coaxed a few local Scout guys out of bed to drag a carcass out of the woods and onto a U-Haul with us. We pushed, pulled, and winched a tired but pickable ’74 (304/unknown 4-speed/44’s) stuffed with all kinds of parts, a spare 304 and 345 (with 727), several seats, Traveller doors and a good hatch, and boxes of spare parts filled with stuff we haven’t had the time to go through yet. Another friend was kind enough to offer up his shop for temporary storage until we can pick it clean and divvy up the pile.

Parts carcass

We still have to return for the 345 and possibly some miscellaneous parts, but overall the day went very smoothly-anytime the seller and his wife invite you in for coffee after you’re covered in sweat and grease, it’s a good thing. Mr. Scout earned his CDL by not only driving the trailer down a long curved driveway and backing it out, but then by turning it around and backing it down again to line up the Scout. Wisely, we didn’t repeat our trailer mishap from January-we opted for an electric winch over a running start.

Partial parts haul

Next up, we’ll return for the other engine, and begin disassembly of the parts rig.

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