Here are some crappy cellphone shots of my kick panels. The driver’s side was patched crudely before I got the truck, but the passenger’s side has always been swiss cheesy. I think I’ll wait for warm weather, take the angle grinder to both sides, and hit them with some rust encapsulator. One of my goals for this year is to get a decent welding rig and start practicing again so that I can take some smaller repair projects on; this would be a good one.

drivers side kick
Driver’s side

pass side kick
Passenger’s side. Interesting to see the original gold paint there, isn’t it?

In other news, a printing vendor I use at work had a special on circle-cut stickers last week. I’ve been noodling with a design for our ad-hoc Maryland IH group, called Old Line State Binders, but I was having a hard time nailing down a design incorporating the Maryland flag. It’s a great flag but very visually busy, and in the last year there’s been a glut of shape-plus-flag stickers out there: a crab, deer, dogs, mustaches, etc.

My original idea was to use something ubiquitous to vintage 4-wheel-drive trucks: the locking hub. That part was pretty easy to nail down, and I took away some of the visual clutter to clean up the image. Integrating the flag and the name was the hard part. In order to keep the design circular (and get my cheap stickers before the deal expired), I left out the name and went with the following design:


Eventually I’ll figure out how the rest of the design should look. If you’d like a couple, drop me a line and I’ll send you one when I get them.

I’ve been really quiet on the Scout front for the last year or so due to work and family commitments. I haven’t visited the Binder Planet in ages. I’m hoping to get some time in the spring to organize a meeting and get back in touch with people.

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  1. Neal Klinman says:

    Hey, I like that logo, Bill. Have you thought about shrinking the main design so you can have a border all the way around with name Old Line State Binders around the outside? Does it get too small like that? Maybe in a font like the one used for the Scout/Terra/Traveler badging? (I wonder if that don’t is even available!). You could put one of each of the words corresponding to each flag quarter. Looks good like it is, though. Or maybe the words in place of “lock” and “free”?
    On the passenger kick plate, what do you think was screwed to the metal to mask the gold paint? I don’t remember if peer pressure was originally a SS11, and would it have had a serial plate there?
    Did you get any of that big snow last week? If so, did you dare go out wheeling, or is salt too scary!
    More questions than comments, but I was glad to see your post.
    -Neal in Boston.

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Neal–
    Good to hear from you! Yeah, I’ve worked on circling the mark with the typeface a number of different ways and I can’t get it to look exactly the way I want it to, but I also haven’t put enough time into it yet. I’ll post some variations here in the next couple of days.

    As for the kickplate, there was a plastic mount for a fire extinguisher there when I bought the truck. I removed it pretty quickly along with a bunch of other junk (empty CB mount, random velcro, bolt-on Pep Boys gas pedal covers, etc) and I just haven’t been back up under there since. The gold was offered only one year in 1975 and has been covered by purple almost everywhere; I don’t know which one is worse.

    I don’t take her out in the salt–I made that mistake with my last Scout, and I don’t want this one to disintegrate in front of my eyes like that one did. I pull her out of the garage when I run up the engine but that’s as close to the road as she gets until about March or so.

    Send me your address and I’ll send you some stickers when I get them. bill AT billdugan DOT com.

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