I has happy to learn the badge I bought fit the back of the truck perfectly.

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0 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  • Neal in Boston says:

    That’s great.
    Looks like you are making good progress on your rig.
    Any news on the engine knock in the Scout?
    And btw, I have been wanting to write to let you know that I finally put your Scout sticker on my laptop. Looks perfect on my laptop just like your International badge looks perfect on your barn door. Hope I get to keep that work machine for a good long while now that I have committed the most special sticker to its place. Was hoping to share a photo but won’t attach here.
    Good luck and enjoy your summer of truck love. I look forward to the updates.

  • Hi Neal—
    Stay tuned for knock updates; there are several diagnosis methods in play before I start tearing things apart.

    Glad to hear the sticker is in a place of honor! Remember, you know the guy who makes them (and I’m looking at ordering another print run; I went through a stack at Nats earlier this month).

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