Tuesday I had an auto glass guy stop by the house to install my windshield and second-hand unobtanium rear quarter glass. When he got out of the truck and I saw his beard was as gray as mine, I began to worry a little less. He started with the windshield, for which I’d already stretched and mounted the gasket, and while I was inside on a call got it installed in about 20 minutes. Apparently it would have been faster but the outer edges of the curved sections looked wider than the frame, but after giving it a think, he figured it out and got it in place.

Then he turned to the rear glass. After cutting out the old gasket and removing the cracked piece, we surveyed the pinch welds and found them to be in very good shape, with just a little surface rust in the rear lower corner and along the middle of the bottom edge.

I sanded them and hit them with some rust stop while he started carefully stretching the gasket on to the old glass. I put hands on the edges and between the two of us we got it mounted without snapping the curved sections. After letting it sit for about ten minutes, we carried it over to the truck and set it in place. He was surprised that it had to be roped in from the outside, but once he got his head around that he had me sit inside and hold it in place while he worked his way around the perimeter. All in all, we got it in place in about twenty minutes, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

He was a really cool guy and I tipped him well for his skill; he thanked me for the most interesting install job he’s had in a long time. After he left, I took the canopy down and made the place look 34% less redneck. It’s great to have the glass out of the back of the truck and my storage crate for the side glass out of the way in the garage.

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