I don’t have much to write about. Peer Pressure is running really well. I had her out on errands last weekend in the sunshine and three different people stopped to talk to me about her. I had her out today at the Farmer’s Market and left the lights on by mistake; when I got back to start her up the battery was too low to crank. I got a jump from a friend who has a booth there and she fired right up. When I got back to the house I set up the trickle charger, which will run until next spring.

I did remake a new tiedown strap for the driver’s side corner of the soft top. It was missing when I bought her, so a few years ago I made one and sewed it on. Apparently I didn’t do it correctly, because it ripped off one day last spring and I haven’t seen it since. This time I bought stronger polyester UV-resistant canvas thread, so hopefully it’ll last longer when I get it sewed into place.

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  1. Neal in Boston says:

    Happy to hear your update even if it’s pretty plain. I look forward to hearing more about your rig and your travels, and I think about you and your scout stories often. Hopefully you can enjoy some more runs in the autumn before the winter weather and salt sets in. How late do you ride; or is this it? I’m still dreaming about owning a scout in Boston. I feel like my kids when they are pining away for Pokémon Cards and extravagant Lego sets looking online and in catalogs. Been occupied with 3 kids in multiple sports and activities while also building an addition to our house for the last couple years. Way too busy and cash-strapped to be tinkering with old metal. I think you can relate. Someday I’ll be able to clear out that garage (build a shed for the tools and bikes) and fill it with a scout. I’m sure I can speed up that process considerably when I hit the lottery next week, though! Gladly. Meantime I’m spending way too much time on Barnfinds and BinderPlanet (just read all of “The Don’s” 4BT Traveler resto-mod build thread when I got side-tracked researching how to cut down a Traveler fiberglass hatch to use with a regular Scout/Terra tailgate. Gosh, I’ve got the bug bad. Why am I researching that?!?
    So, enjoy your harlequin rig like I know you do, and keep on Truckin’.

  2. bill says:

    Hey Neal–
    I ride almost every weekend, if possible, and weather permitting. When it gets really snowy she stays in the garage and I run her up for 10 minutes each week to keep the fluids moving, but nowhere near the salt.
    I hear you on the busy and cash-strapped and house–that’s what killed my first Scout. Now I’ve got some health stuff happening which is going to take a front seat for a couple of months, but I’m looking forward to getting back into things when that’s over.
    Keep looking! There’s a Scout out there with your name on it.

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