I saw an ad on Craigslist (I know, I’m so old-school) for a set of Scout II fenders this week and followed up with the seller. The fenders looked OK from the front but the low price led me to believe they were in worse shape than they appeared. I’ve already got three spare fenders hanging in the garage, so my need is not immediate, but I figured I’d see what kind of shape they were in. I traded some texts and a phone call and set up a time on Sunday afternoon to look them over.

I knew I had the right house when I pulled up and saw a rusty Scout 80 parked in front of a faded Saab Sonnett; clearly this man had eclectic tastes in automobiles. I looked over the fenders in a light drizzle and the seller came out to talk with me; he’s a weird car nerd like me and we talked for about ten minutes before I thanked him for his time and hit the road. They were too far gone for me to want to deal with them; the areas behind the wheel well were all crispy and there was rot setting in at the top corner by the cowl notch.

Meanwhile, I’ve got an order in with Super Scout Specialists for a lineset ticket keyed to the VIN  number I found on the frame back in 2009. I figured I’d at least try to learn where the frame (and possibly, the engine) came from, even if the body is a mystery.

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  1. Neal in Boston says:

    Funny. That Saab looks absolutely tiny compared to the Scout, which isn’t a terribly. If rig even with the lift.
    Good luck with the Line Set Ticket.
    Are you on any of the Scout Facebook Pages?
    I recently posted about the original sales order and invoice from my family’s Scout. Fun to see all of the details spelled out.

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