One of the questions I’ve had about my FrankenScout since I got it has been what is original and what isn’t. I have the VIN from the title and the plate (which is screwed into the driver’s A pillar), and which most likely comes from the body itself. But what about the frame? is it original or a donor? If I send in for a lineset ticket, will it even be relevant to the jumble of parts I’ve got?

Browsing through Binder Planet last night, I stumbled on a post about the location of the frame serial and how it’s keyed to the last 8 digits of the VIN, so I picked up a scraper and headed out to the garage. I first looked in the wrong place (back behind the B body mount), but then found the right location after scraping off some engine grease: right in front of the driver’s firewall, forward of the hoist port, on the vertical rise.

Frame VIN

Frame VIN

As it turns out, the VIN screwed to this truck does not match the frame. Big surprise. Using a VIN decoder linked from the BP, the tub correctly dates to a ’76 model Scout II. But when I drop the eight numbers from the frame (Year, Plant, Line, serial) in front of the first five from the body (Model Year/Unused/Model/Model/Engine), I come up with a 1979 model year frame. Curious.

I suppose I could spend $100 on a lineset ticket to see if the VIN I’ve got on the title matches the tub (I know the original color of this tub, which is always on the lineset ticket), but its current location and method of attachment leads me to believe it may be from a third donor vehicle—one that had a clear title, and made it easy to register—and that would be money wasted.

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  1. RichW says:

    FYI, I moved the VIN decoder you mentioned to a new domain name. Its now at

    Glad you found it useful. I put a lot of work into the IHC decoder.

  2. bill says:

    Thanks! I appreciate the effort.

  3. Eric Clow says:

    Hey guys,
    Not sure if this site is still active but I was hoping to get some help looking up what is stock and whats not on my titled 71 Scout II VIN: SN183880G459275. any information including a direction to look would be helpful. Thanks!


  4. bill says:

    Eric, try looking for a Line Set Ticket from Super Scout Specialists. It’s the build sheet IH used on the production line for each Scout, and should be available for ~$20 or so (providing your VIN is still tied to the frame).

  5. Bob Mohl says:

    I just bought a 1964 Scout 80 and was wondering where I may be able to get a build sheet or some information of its origination. The serial # is FC93780A.
    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  6. Lyle says:

    I just purchaced a 1962 INT PKUP Vin # 1700S B2709 17F, I am getting ready to travel across the country to pick it up. However, I am trying to find out how to decode the VIN to find out as much info about it as I can. It is actually a Tow Truck with a Flat Bed tilt trailer and winch set up on it. Any info on decoding this VIN you can give me is greatly appreciated.


  7. Clay Feller says:

    I have a 66 scout that only has a 9 digit vin # FC150220A. Can you decode that and send the information to me? Thanks for your help!

  8. mel silva says:

    I have a Scout 80, and I would like to know what year it was made, you’re vin decoder said you needed a model. #FC116706A

  9. mike says:

    I have just bought a scout with no title but I did find the stamp on the frame it is fc11402 can any one tell me what year this should be was told when I bought it was a 66 or 67 but it has sliding front windows and was told it should be earlier

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