Progress on a Scout (not mine).

Sunday afternoon I joined a group of guys over at Mr. Scout’s house to help him get the new fiberglas tub he’s had tucked behind his garage onto the shiny chassis.

Solomon waits for some progress

It went very smoothly, which was surprising. For something as big and bulky as it is, four guys can move one tub very easily. After situating bushings for a 1″ lift, the tub sat down on the frame just as pretty as a peach. There was some extra space between the bottom of the tub and the middle two pucks (under the seats) but that should be easily resolved with some spacers.

After multiple measurements, some confusion over the supplied bolts, and more measurements, the front inner fenders and core support got drilled and bolted in place, and as I was leaving the second of two holes for the rear supports was being drilled.

Planning out the next step

As the day progressed, all us steel-bodied Scout guys couldn’t help but drool at the pretty fiberglas parts Mr. Scout has standing by, ready to be fitted and installed.

Sunday afternoon wrenching club

I’d like to report progress on the Purple Beast, but aside from a lender battery, a new air filter, and 20′ of dryer hose, I didn’t get anything accomplished. With temperatures in the mid-50’s this week, I’m hoping to get up early one morning to add new gas in the tank, swap out batteries, drop the new air filter in, rig up externally-vented hose to each exhaust, and fire it up for a little while.

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