Nine Years Later

In between Scouts, nine years ago, I went up to White Marsh to look over a Scout on Craigslist. What I found was a rough example with a lot of rust, bondo, and primer. It was a non-runner, up on a trailer, and the victim of questionable aftermarket mods, the best of which was a chain steering wheel and skull shifter knob. I snapped a picture and left.

chain wheel, death's head knob

Imagine my surprise when a Scout showed up on Craigslist this week with the same shift knob. A little comparison shows it’s the same Scout with a new steering wheel. The rest of it looks exactly the same: rust, bondo and primer.

I didn’t buy it then and I wouldn’t buy it now.

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0 thoughts on “Nine Years Later

  • Neal in Boston says:

    Gotta love Concord blue, though.

    Good pass. Hopefully someone will make it shine. Somehow.

    What do you think is going on there on the accelerator pedal?!?

    And it always cracks me up when someone is selling a vehicle and doesn’t even take a moment to clean out the trash. Although, I kinda did that when I traded in my old minivan for a newer used minivan. Different situation, though.

    Don’t scout automatics have some kind of a collar -lock on the shifter? I wonder what happened to that?

    I like your harlequin grape-crush Scout much better! And it runs. You got the Scout deal of the century, and you’re keeping it going.

  • Hey Neal—

    I think the trash in these pictures is pretty much the same stuff that was there when I looked at it. From memory it doesn’t look like they did a single thing to this poor Scout.

    Automatics did have a collar lock; I have no idea how he got around that other than just removing it (which seems pretty sketchy). And I have no idea what’s up with the accelerator pedal. Pretty much everything about this rig screams RUN!

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