I See What You Did There

This nice-looking Traveler showed up on Craigslist and FB Marketplace for around $17K, which is a pretty good price for what they’re offering. What caught my eye, beyond the obvious good looks and desirable extra 18″ of wheelbase (and thus cargo space) was the location of the first staging shot:

That’s the former location of East Coast Scouts, my local IH mechanic in the early days when I had Chewbacca. He closed up shop in the early 2000’s when it got to be too much to stay on top of; he’s back in the area after moving to PA for a while and I traded emails with him last year.

East Coast Scouts, 2002

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0 thoughts on “I See What You Did There

  • Neal in Boston. says:

    I saw that listing as well. Looked like a cool rig.
    RIP Chewbacca!

    That’s a cool old pic of ECS. I like that Patriot/Spirit in the background with the weathered stripes.

    I was thinking of you recently. I still have Scout fever. Every day.
    Are you (still?) running a Thermoquad on your harlequin rig? Just curious for some reason.

    Scout on!

  • Hey Nean— yep, still running a Thermoquad. I’ve actually got three spares now, two IH and one from a mid-70’s Chrysler. I do think I’m going to go to fuel injection at some point (as I get older I like the idea of reliable starting) but for now, I’m sticking with what works.

    When are you getting your Scout?

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