Bumper Possibilities

I’ve seen a guy selling front bumpers on Facebook Marketplace for a couple of months now. They’re basic prerunner-style bumpers, with a large pusher bar, two clevis mounts, and upturned edges, much like the bumper Brian and I built. They’re built from 3″x 4″x 1/8″ box steel, while my rear bumper is 2″ x 6″.

(through the magic of Photoshop, I can simulate the look)

But the thing that caught my eye first was the price: $280 including shipping.

I did a quick google search and found the company website where they’re selling the same thing for $15 more without shipping, and so this sounded like an even better bargain. I’ve got a little less than this amount left in the Scout kitty, but I just sold a spare camera lens a few weeks ago, so I think I might pull the trigger on this.

As much as I love the ’72 grille I’ve got, and the overall look of the front my truck, there’s always been something missing. This would be a good start, and would be easily modified for a winch or fog lights.

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  • Neal in Boston says:

    I’ve seen those advertised and did a wow at the price.
    I too like the look of your rig’s front grill and look.
    And the harlequin paint is distinctive although not you first choice I know. And admittedly, I do like the purple.
    I actually thought of you when I saw this ad since maybe you’ve mentioned before about wanting to change the bumper?
    Are they primed or painted?
    Are they set up for winch mounting, or would that take extra fab work or a different design?
    When I see bumpers like these on daily driver jeeps and other rigs, they are often rusting out. I imagine if I had one I would want to spray-coat the inside with that lanolin stuff, por 15, or some other rustproofing material inside the cavities. And I guess a good finish or bedliner covering outside? But I think you keep your rig garaged, and you do have a similar design and finish on the rear.
    Good luck.
    It takes discipline to keep a “Scout kitty”. Good work.
    Keep on Scoutin’™
    And I hope to join you someday with a Scout.

    I’m starting to organize some New England scout owners for a possible rendezvous in the (hopefully post-Covid) future. Been thinking about organizing a Scout meetup sometime here on our pond on the edge of the city. Sounds like an oxymoron but it is a beautiful place (look up Chandler Pond, Brighton). I imagine a row of Scouts parked along the park next to the pond someday. And good community fellowship. And waffles. Possibly camping for a few in my backyard. Spread the word and let me know if you might want to come up to Boston. I know your rig can handle a journey, but it’s not as far as Nationals. (Id like to go there someday too.)
    Peace and good health to you and yours.

  • Neal In Boston says:

    I have a copy of that gold scout in my favorites folder, plus another similar one with gold SS stripes (along with many others.)
    If I had a Scout and needed to pick a paint color or design it would be so hard to choose!
    I don’t seem to be able to attach images here though.

  • Hi Neal—
    From what I see the bumpers are painted a basic black. A guy in the Facebook feed took a picture of one that had been delivered-they just taped the waybill to the steel and threw it in the mail! I’d have to pay extra for a winch model. Honestly, I’m holding out for an old-school Warn 8274, which would require a whole new bumper-they mount on the inside, so the whole bumper extends from the front of the truck by a foot or more. But that’s way in the future.

    I etch-primed and painted my rear bumper with rattle-can black and it’s held up really well since then, so I’m not too concerned about rust. Depending on how it shows up, I might sand this thing down and paint it myself anyway just to be sure, but I do keep it garaged.

    And depending on timeframe, pandemic, and vacation, a trip to Boston sounds like a lot of fun! Keep me posted.

    (I have image attachments turned off to block spam-you’d be amazed at how much spam gets blocked through here).

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