This looks like it could be a good upgrade: WHITE 4 point 194 style LED replacement bulb – At $5 a pop, it’s an expensive proposition, but knowing how difficult it is to get into the dash, I’d rather only do this once. Especially if the light they throw is brighter than incandescent bulbs.

Update- from the comments below, I pulled this link, which is for ten bulbs. Hmmm…

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  1. Eric says:

    Hey – following your build – as I am building an 1980 Diesel Scout II as well :)

    I found these lights for way cheaper – via Amazon I believe. They work fine in my dash (at least the parts of my dash that work….)

    These are what I got….

    “10x 194 168 2825 5-SMD White High Power LED Car Lights Bulb”
    In Stock

  2. bill says:

    Great, thanks for the info!

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