Colorado Mike has been feeding me steady updates on his resto project via text. The other day he asked me for paint advice, and I sent him my collection of IH paint codes for the entire Scout II run. He’s leaning towards Lexington Blue, a bright shade offered in 1979. It got me thinking about the distant future, when I can strip Peer Pressure down to the metal, POR-15 everything, and paint it in a more pleasing color. Originally I wanted a shade of English green, but Mr. Scout has that one covered. My second choice is a color from the Scout in a movie called “Fools Rush In”. Based on the grille pattern, it’s a ’75 or a ’76, which could only make the color Glacier Blue (it’s the only light blue offered in the ’74-’77 timespan). Looking at the paint chip, it’s a light, flat blue which looks too powdery at first glance.

It could be the film transfer, the lighting, or wear and tear on the truck, but the blue here looks darker to me.

The other candidate is a shade called Bimini Blue Poly, which is a darker blue with candyflake. I can’t find a good example online, but I’ll keep looking.

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  1. Chuck Cohenour says:

    I was interested in learning on how to get ahold of this paint.. I have a 78 and a 69 scout that I’m interested in getting them painted this color. If you could please let me know I guess the code I can ask a paint store so that I can get this paint.

  2. bill says:

    Hi Chuck– I think it probably depends on the paint shop you have nearby and what they can do for you. Here’s a link to the PPG paint book for 1975, which has the code I’d assume they could use to mix it for you.

  3. Brian Ormsby says:

    my 74 scout came with Bimini Blue. i think there were quite a few that color shipped to the pacific northwest.

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