Weekend Report, 7-18

I got a couple of messages last week from Alan, who took a look at the pictures I’d posted of my throttle bracket and recognized a part meant for an automatic transmission, not a manual. He kindly offered to exchange a spare bracket he had in his stash for the one I’ve got, and I jumped at the chance. Two days later, I had the part in my hands, and on Sunday I took an hour to swap it in.

Due to the ever-changing nature of International SV engines and their smog requirements from year to year, I’d bet there were five different versions of the manual bracket produced. Alan sent me two, one tall and narrow and the other short and wide. After test-fitting both, I decided the taller one would be better even though it was angled at such a way as to deflect the path of the cable towards the center of the engine; I wound up temporarily pulling the vacuum hose bracket off the rear of the engine block to feed the cable behind it, then bending the bracket forward as much as possible to get a straight line. The hook-and-bolt bracket wasn’t long enough to securely attach over the thicker collar of the cable, so I repurposed one of the rubber-lined clips from the first bracket to fit.

New throttle bracket

Ahhh, it’s nice to have full throttle again. Thanks Alan!

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