I saw this Scout for sale on Marketplace, and something about it caught my eye. Not only is it a good-looking rig—the tires and lift are just right—but I like the color and condition of the graphics on the side. I believe this is an IH color called Grenoble Green, and it’s a value that isn’t too light and isn’t too dark, with a bit of metalflake added. I’ve been all over the place with colors in years past, but I think this might be the new frontrunner. I’d even consider the striping on this, as well—I think it’s probably my favorite design IH offered.

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  1. New in Boston says:

    That is a nice one and a great green.
    I don’t think the original was metallic though.
    I haven’t seen that listing, but I’ll take another look on FB marketplace. Maybe it is new? Do you have a link for the listing and where is it? As you know I am always looking, but prices keep rising and demands for my money keep growing! Feel free to forward to nklinman247@gmail.com.
    I think I have a few pics of Grenoble green rigs in my photo collection of favorites. They catch my eye also. I love so many of the scout colors. I think I keep coming back to Concord Blue, if I ever have a choice. Wish I could send you some pics. But I like your harlequin purple too!

  2. bill says:

    Hey Neal,
    I’m going back through Marketplace and now I can’t find it. He called it “Hank”, and if I recall it was out in Washington somewhere. It was a great price for the truck—I want to say he was asking $15K, which looked pretty reasonable for the price. If I see anything on the East coast worth considering, I’ll definitely shoot you an email!

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