New Travel Top, New Friends

This morning I met up with Brian H. and made a run down into Annapolis to pick up a Traveltop. I was a bit hung over, but Peer Pressure fired right up and made the trip easy. After meeting the seller at his house, we wound up talking to him for a good hour and a half before we started turning wrenches. It turns out he’s been buying and parting out trucks for the past couple of years, and he wants to thin his collection out a little.

New travel top

This top is in really good shape. It’s baby blue with a roof rack, and apart from some minor rust issues under the driver’s window and leaks where the chrome strips sit on the top, it’s clean. The liftgate is in fantastic shape, the handle works perfectly, and the glass is all good. I’m going to pull the sliders out of my spare top and replace these as well as the seals, and maybe weld up a lot of the holes before painting it white.

New travel top

He threw in a set of Kayline bows he had laying around, and I picked up a spare windshield with a tiny crack in the side as well. We made sure to invite him up to the next wrenching day in the springtime, and hopefully we can get a couple of other locals to meet up when the weather gets warmer.

New travel top

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0 thoughts on “New Travel Top, New Friends

  • That’s great Bill – the glass looks like it’s in really good shape and it looks like you even get a dome light; cha ching!

  • Mike– it’s the best top I’ve seen in this area in the last ten years. I’ve got a spare out back with slider windows that I’ll use, and at some point I’ve got to hook the dome light up just for posterity’s sake!

  • i have plans for 3 dome lights…one for us up front, one for the kids in the back and one for the back-back. i was thinking about installing them on the roll cage, but i think the traveltop may be a better idea.

    i will need to take a look at my sliderwindows to see if i can figure out how to get them to lock shut again.

    new date on body delivery – next wednesday. i hope to have some amazing pictures soon!

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