It was somewhere near 90Ëš today so Finn and I got the top off the Scout today in record time; about an hour and a half. It took a little longer to get the soft top on, but when we were done we took a celebratory ride: her first in the front seat. I also took about 20 minutes and scrubbed 20 years of dirt off each of the fiberglas inserts and hung them up on the lift next to the top. It’s good to feel wind in our hair again.

When we came back out of the grocery store someone had scrawled, “NICE RIDE!” on an envelope and dropped in on the passenger seat. That made me smile.

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One thought on “Converted

  • Wow! 90*!
    I’m jealous but glad you and yours are enjoying the Scout!
    How are those new tires feeling?

    I am hatching a plan to have a Scout rendezvous here at my Boston home. I’m imagining Scouts lined up here along Chandler pond across the street from my house. Lured here with waffles.
    I’ve been connecting through FB groups with a few locals but no fruition or rides quite yet. Fingers crossed. Been crazy busy with life and the three kids anyway.

    Enjoy the rest of spring and the Scout.
    And health.

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