Here’s a walkaround of the Scout, pointing out most of the visible scars, stains, scrapes and scratches.

One of the things mentioned in the video is purchasing a set of chrome trim pieces to install, instead of plug-welding and filling all 20 of the holes along the side of the body. Super Scout Specialists sells a set of trim that they claim is close to the original style, for $170. If I estimate the time I think it’ll take to plug and fill each of these holes (and there are several I wouldn’t be able to do unless I pulled the front fender off) that price looks more and more reasonable by the minute. Even if I spent $500 on a good set of used chrome, that math still holds up because it’s going to take a lot more than 10 hours per side to clean things up.

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  1. Neal in Boston says:

    Looks like a lot of prep, but at the same time that looks like one heck of a solid Scout!

    I personally like your idea of adding the replacement chrome/stainless side trim pieces. I haven’t looked up the referenced replacements that you mentioned, but I also wonder about the adhesive tape style replacements that I think are available for 1980’s Scouts. I think a lot of Scouts look best with the trim pieces installed, especially if a Rallye stripe is used.

    I’m still wondering about your choices for color, besides the white top, as well as possible dream stripes of any.

    Good luck to you. Looks like a great base to start from.

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