Well Hello There


Driving through the County after a hike with the family yesterday, I spied these two beauties parked in the back of a lot about twenty minutes from the house. Perhaps I’ll stop by in the summertime when I’m driving Peer Pressure and see if the owner is home.

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0 thoughts on “Well Hello There

  • Neal in Boston says:

    Wow! That’s a heart-pounding exciting find.
    I don’t think I’d be able to wait until summer to make contact. They look original with my favorite original fender flares. And the soft doors on the hidden one.
    “Trail Slayer” name on the tires would be a good base for a nickname. Slayer/ T.S./ Eliot/ one could riff on…
    Maybe one of them needs to come North to Boston?!? Both to make one?
    Or maybe you are ready for a project? ! I’m sure the floors (at the least!) are totally shot since they are out in the open though.

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