Peer Pressure has been running like a champ; I’ve taken her down and back to Southern Maryland twice in the last two weekends, riding with the top down under sunny skies, with the tunes on, and the dog dozing in the backseat.

I had a couple of hours to kill this weekend and used them to prepare the spare windshield for paint, based on my plan. I spent a couple of hours grinding as much of the remaining rust out of the visible sections as I could and then hit them with encapsulator. Then I used my can of Internal Frame Coating to cover as much of the interior as possible; I thought it might cut down on the rattling of rusty material inside the frame, but it did not. When I sat the frame on the ground to spray the second one, it dripped the material on parts I’d already sanded smooth, so I’ll have to do that again.

I’ve got to hit it with lighter primer anyway before it gets a color, so there’s more sanding in my future. I bought two cans of Duplicolor’s Chrysler Flash Red, which seems to be a lighter shade that will approximate the original IH shade of red on the current windshield.

A couple of weeks ago I sent off two packages in the mail—one to my internet friend Lydia in Austin, containing an Old Line State Binders T-shirt and a bunch of stickers in trade for the beautiful Austin Binders shirt she gave me. It wound its way through the post office and she finally got it yesterday (I was getting worried).

The second was a handful of stickers to Super Scout Specialists; they’d posted a call for stickers on Insta for the window on their front door, and in return they’d send a bunch of theirs back. I ran a new set of Peer Pressure stickers with my handle and hashtag more prominently visible and sent them off, and yesterday I got a bunch of cool stickers back from them—including a version of the famous Super Scout illustration from the 70’s. I gotta figure out where to put this one.

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3 Responses to August Scouting

  1. Neal in Boston says:

    Good stuff all around.
    I have been wanting to start a Scout sticker/ magnet collection but haven’t gotten around to it.
    If you have an extra of your awesome harlequin Scout design I’d love to have one for my fridge!
    Let me know by email (I think I shared below) and I can send postage if needed and share my address.
    I’m still dreaming Scouts!
    And let me know if you want to visit New England.
    Enjoy yours!

  2. bill says:

    Hi Neal—
    I don’t have your address (I went back through the comments and couldn’t find it). Send it to me through the contact email if you don’t want to share it here and I’ll get some stickers in the mail to you!
    bill AT billdugan DOT com

  3. Neal Klinman says:

    Wow, thanks Bill.
    I’m at

    Neal Klinman
    72 Lake Shore Road
    Brighton Mass 02135.

    Thanks again.

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