…Nothing, really, has happened. Peer Pressure is running well, if a little rich, but she started right up all winter long and after a little bit of lifter tick the engine warms up and smooths out really quickly. I actually drove her a lot more this winter than most because we didn’t have as much snow, which meant less salt on the roads.

So let’s update the To Do list for 2017, in order of high-to-low probability:

Adjust the Tuffy console forward 2″. It still gets in the way of folding and tumbling the rear seat. I tried moving it forward last year but what I’m probably going to have to do is drill three new holes in the bottom of the console to get it in the right spot.

Adjusting the doors again. The striker on the passenger door doesn’t latch unless you slam that fucker shut.

Replace the windshield. It’s as difficult to see out the front of the truck as it was before. Thing is, I have no idea what shape the frame on the truck is in; I could take the current glass out and find the metal is completely shot. However, I’ve got two other frames in the garage that could be rustproofed, fixed, and painted. So the first step would be to pick one and rehab it.

Install the goddamn Hydroboost. Again, carried over from last year. I’m going to bribe Bennett with some beer and pizza and have him help me with this over the summer.

A new radiator? I thought this might be easy and relatively cheap but it’s not.
Option 1: a Champion Radiator, plus shroud and electric fans: $466. Ouch.
Option 2: an RnD radiator for $375. I have to check and see if my existing shrouds will fit.

Buy new road tires. Again, this is expensive. The trick is to find a narrow set of 32s so that it doesn’t look like I put toy wheels on. Seems like most 32s come 11.5″ or wider. Cooper Discoverers are very road-looking, while BFG T/A KO2s are more aggressive. I can actually get these from Amazon in 10.5″, but I don’t have $750 for that laying around yet. [BP search link]

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2 Responses to 2017 To Do List

  1. Neal in Boston says:

    “unless you slam that fucker shut.”

    Ha. Well said. I remember that same issue on my family’s Scout growing up. Mom would wind up for a good SLAM. Multiple adjustments and eventually a window off the track inside the door from too much slamming. I think I fixed the window and regulator for my parents. Body shop finally adjusted the doors when the rockers were replaced.

    Is your windshield foggy?

    Good luck with everything.

    Btw- did you ever finalize your Maryland Scout stickers?

    I wrote to you a year or two ago. You sent a nice and optimistic reply.

    I haven’t gotten a Scout yet. Building an addition instead for now. And never enough time or money of course. I got to visit with and drive a Scout I found in my neighborhood after leaving a note on the windshield. Felt high for a few weeks. It was a turbo diesel. Cool rig with some neat modifications like a Terra top, covered cargo bed, external lumber racks, extended bulkhead, intercooled turbo. Still jonesing for more. Looking for more Scout connections.

    Let me know if you ever venture north to Boston.

  2. bill says:

    Hi Neal—
    My windshield is actually chipped in a million different places—I think the PO drove it behind a leaky gravel truck. The effect is the same as fog. Any kind of light at night or morning sun reflects off the chips and makes it impossible to see clearly. Way past time for a replacement.

    I haven’t finalized the stickers yet, but I’ve been thinking about them lately—I’ll let you know when they’re done (or, you’ll see it here!)

    That diesel Scout sounds great; whenever I see a new Scout I get the same contact buzz. They’re getting rarer out there… Keep the dream alive!


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