0 thoughts on “Easy Come, Easy Go

  • Neal in Boston says:

    Seems like a good deal, except the imminent prospect of a full engine rebuild sounds a bit scary. Maybe it needs a ring job with the smoling and oil blow-by?
    That green looks like it would be a good base for a nice rattle-can job.
    I love the detailed ad, especially where he says “It also doesn’t have the hydraulic struts needed to keep it open. I’ve used a broom handle to prop it open. The broom handle will be included.”.
    It seems rare to find decent Scouts on the east coast. I’m also sure it will sell at that price. Wish it could be me.

  • Hey Neal, yeah, I wonder if it’s a full engine rebuild or if a diesel wizard could sort it out without the hassle of a rebuild. At this point I’d be concerned about the paint, as there were already some other colors underneath. I don’t think he did this to hide anything but it limits the resale value.

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